Know More About Our Collaborators' Projects

Web-based Annotation Sharing Platform (WASP) -- HKBU     Link

The HKBU team has developed a user-friendly function module “WASP (1.0)”, an acronym for Web-based Annotation Sharing Platform, that facilitates collaborative annotation and multi-level categorization of web-based information, and co-construction of artefacts. With the WASP extension, users can bookmark, highlight, annotate and categorize web resources on computers and mobile devices. They can create multi-level of annotations on a webpage for private and collaboration purposes. A web-based platform allows users to organize, manage and share their resources, and co-construct artifacts with collaborators. All the resources and artifacts can be exported to Google Docs on which they can continue to co-construct knowledge.

Blended & Online Learning & Teaching (BOLT) -- EdUHK     Link

This project will build the capacity of academic departments for blended learning by adopting a “grassroots” approach towards professional development. The emphasis will be on the formation of professional learning communities with the support of the blended learning “ambassadors” (from each department) in the faculty, customised department-based and programme/course-based professional development support, creation of a common faculty vision towards e-learning and development of self-accessed blended learning-related online resources. This project will then develop a prototype for professional development of blended learning and share it with other faculties in the institution, and other local and international higher education institutions.

Personalized Recommendation Engine -- PolyU     Link

PolyU ISE has joined the KEEP project on the design and development of a recommendation engine for suggesting personalized information to students according to their preferences, profiles and behaviors. A framework that harnesses students and courses information and reveals the hidden relations among the data has been designed. Based on this framework, different recommendation algorithms and a personalized recommendation engine have been developed as a series of web services on KEEP platform. It collects data from the platform, analyzes the collected data, and returns the personalized recommendations to the platform whenever there are requests placed by the platform or users.

Pedagogic & Active Learning Mobile Solutions -- PolyU     Link

PolyU's PALMS project, the UGC teaching and learning project for Pedagogic & Active Learning Mobile Solutions, supports conceiving, designing and creating active teaching methods and their corresponding mobile solutions in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related education. Our objectives are to
(i) increase students' overall learning outcomes through active learning, e.g., conceptual understanding, motivation, collaboration, academic performance and lifelong learning;
(ii) explore and develop active learning pedagogies to increase student engagement in STEM higher education;
(iii) develop an online platform to promote and encourage wider adoption of active learning among Hong Kong STEM instructors;
(iv) use and improve quantitatively rigorous and valid methods to evaluate the impact of active learning strategies on student learning outcomes in STEM education; and
(v) adapt existing or develop new mobile applications to enhance active learning.