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One-Unit Online Language Courses

Information for students

Students intending to take any of the one-unit language courses to be offered via online mode must read the following information.

1. To support the University’s initiative of encouraging students to learn another language, a number of 1-unit language courses to be conducted via online mode is offered.

2. This taster programme consists of a series of elementary level language courses which are coded 1000 level, aiming at giving students a taste of learning a new foreign language. Postgraduate students who would like to register for these courses must seek prior approval from the Supervisor (for research postgraduate students) or Programme Director (for taught postgraduate students) by completing the stipulated form (form CS-1) and submit the completed form to the course-offering Department/Unit.

3. These courses are designed for beginners, students who have knowledge in that particular language should NOT register for the relevant course. Students who have registered the beginner/advanced level of the language course concerned or native speakers of that language concerned (e.g. Koreans should not register the Korean language courses) will NOT earn the credit even after the completion of the course in KEEP where the course is hosted. The course will be graded on a Pass(P)/Fail(U) or Distinction(DI)/Pass(PA)/Fail(FA) grading basis as specified in the Course Catalog, and the grades that obtained will not have any effect on the calculations of grade point average (GPA), including the term GPA, major GPA, and cumulative GPA. The units earned from these courses by postgraduate students will not be counted towards the graduation requirements of the programme of studies.

4. Students can enroll in these courses at any time (i.e. not confined to the course registration period) through KEEP, a CUHK eLearning platform to host open educational courses and resources. Registration for these courses should NOT be done via CUSIS.

5. Before enrolling in the course via KEEP, students must check the enrollment requirement(s) of the course via the Course Catalog and make sure that they fulfill the relevant requirement(s).

6. Students already registered for the course can complete all course requirements, learning activities, homework, tests, quizzes, etc. at any time and at their own pace since the courses are offered entirely via asynchronous online mode.

7. A student can earn the 1-unit for the course if he/she:

(a) completes all the course requirements and passes the assessment(s); and
(b) fulfills the relevant enrollment requirement(s) (e.g. not having taken the beginner/higher level courses specified under “enrollment requirements” in the Course Catalog, not native speaker of the languages) in the term in which the grade of the course is transferred to CUSIS record.

8. The term in which the 1-unit earned is included in student’s CUSIS record depends on the time the student finishes all the relevant course requirements and assessments. Students completing all course requirements and pass the assessment(s) by the last teaching day of the first term or second term, respectively, or within 4 weeks after the first teaching day of the University Summer Session, can have the course information included in the student’s record in that particular term/summer session, provided that a class of that course is offered in that term/summer session as indicated in CUSIS and KEEP.

9. en bloc approval has been given by the Registrar to undergraduate students to exceed the term/year course load in regard to the registration in these courses, except for those students who are under academic probation with maximum term course load prescribed in accordance with Reg. 5.2 of the General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies. Students of the latter category may have their course fulfilment recorded in the subsequent academic term when their academic probation is lifted.

10. For course registration of more than 6 units in the Summer Session (including courses offered in University Summer Session and CUHK International Summer School), undergraduate students should seek approval from the Faculty Dean following the procedures as announced by Registration and Examinations Section (RES).

11. Final year undergraduate students who wish to register these courses have to seek permission from the Major Department/Programme using the specified application form following the procedures as announced by RES.

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