Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) of Knowledge and Education Exchange Platform (hereinafter “KEEP”) govern your access and use of KEEP’s website (hereinafter “Site”). By accessing the Site, you are agreeing to these Terms and bounding by these Terms, and also concluding by a binding legal contract with KEEP, an online education platform provider where headquarter at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Do not use and access the Site if you are reluctant to agree the Terms or unable to be bound by the Terms.


A. Parties

“You” and “Your” refer to you, as a user of the Site. A “User” is someone who accesses, participates, browses, or uses in any part of the Site. “We”, “us” or “our” refer to KEEP. “Partners” refer to the institutions, universities, organizations and others parties that collaborated with KEEP.

B. Content

“Content” means any text, picture, video, sound, graph, link, application, document and all other format of data or communication. “Your content” means the content that you submit or transmit to or through or in connection with KEEP such as ratings, reviews, posts, messages, and information that you publicly display or displayed in your account profile. “User content” means that the content you submit or transmit to or through or in connection with the Site. “KEEP content” means that the content we create or distribute or aggregate, and make available in connection with the Site.


Site may include discussion board or review page containing the personal opinion and other expression of the person who post entries on a wide range of subjects. You shall bear in mind that these content are not screened, reviewed, moderated or endorsed by KEEP. By posting to or review such board or page, you agree the Terms and, agree that KEEP and any of its partners are not liable for or responsible for the content of any posting therein. KEEP reserve the right (but not liability) to remove the content from the discussion board or review page for its discretion.

Permission to Use of the Site

We are here to grant you the permission to use the Site subject to the restrictions of these terms. Your use of the Site are in your own risk including any content you published on the Site and any unauthorized exposure of sources or content (including but not limited to KEEP content and other Users content ) to any other third party.

You shall read through the Terms carefully before accessing or participating in any part of the Site. You have to agree the Terms and create an account before you can accessing or participating in any part of the Site.

In case you violate the Terms and cause any damage or loss to KEEP, we reserve the right to take any legal action against you.

Site Availability

Our Site may be modified, interrupted, updated, trucial or discontinued at any time without any prior notice or burden.


You shall be responsible for the confidentiality and the use of the Username and Password. If you suspect that someone may have obtained access to the Password or made any unauthorized use of the Password, you undertake to notify KEEP as soon as possible. KEEP may refuse your access to system until KEEP is satisfied that security has been re-established.

Furthermore, it is your own responsibility to protect your username and password. Any damage or legal problem caused by divulging the account and password from your side to any third party has no concern with KEEP.


You hereby waive and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless KEEP, its respective trustees, directors, employees, agents, subcontractors, teachers, administrators and students ("Indemnitees") from any liability, damage, loss, or expense (including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses of litigation) incurred by or imposed upon the Indemnitees or any one of them in connection with any claims, suits, actions, demands, or judgments arising out of or connected with this Agreement.


KEEP may, in its sole discretion and without prior notice to you, modify the database, functionality, presentation or information. KEEP will not be responsible for any effects such modification may have on you or your use of the Site.


KEEP reserves the right from time to time and without notice to make changes to this Agreement as KEEP deems fit. Notice of any change will be posted on the ‘Terms and Conditions' page of the Site and you are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions. Continued use of the Site after notice of change shall constitute your agreement to be bound by such new terms.

Collection of Personal Information

All the personal information including name, email address, telephone and so on that User provides to KEEP or collected from User's Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google account will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will not distributed to any other third party.

However, KEEP may disclose / transfer the user information by the following cases:

  1. As KEEP is officially requested to disclose information by statute from court, police or other parties with equivalent authority
  2. As KEEP recognizes its necessary to protect the right, benefit or services of KEEP, User, and other third parties.
  3. As KEEP received a written request from user. In this case, user should bear in mind that KEEP does not need to take any legal responsibility, and the disclosure of personal information between user and KEEP and any other third party are under mutual agreement.

In addition, KEEP has no concern with the handling of the credit card information and other information that User provides at the time of purchasing any product or application via KEEP.

Data Policy

KEEP reserves the right to collect, track, and report a user’s activity both through Our Site and through our mobile applications. We collect information you give us, like personal information such as but not limited to your name, email address, and address. We also collect information from use of our services, like interactions with content, watching videos, device information, log information, local storage, cookies, Google Analytics, and other such information.

Your data privacy is important to us and we use this information to provide, maintain protect, and improve our services, as well as develop new services. We also use this information to offer you tailored content such as recommendations. We may combine relevant data from many different services.

We do not share sensitive personal information with other organizations unless the following circumstances applies:

We may share non-personally identifiable information publicly and with our partners – like publishers, advertisers or connected sites. For example, we may share information publicly to show trends about the general use of our services.

Content Distribution

All content distributed on KEEP including teaching materials, video, sound, applications and so on belong to user but do not belong to KEEP, therefore user is required to bear all the responsibilities.

Anyone who intends to promote/promotes/publishes any material that contain violence, bullying and discrimination description or content are prohibited, this includes any material that threaten, harass and bully others; or advocating against a group of people based on their religion, race, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation/identity, appearance, age, color or veteran status. Moreover, KEEP has zero-tolerance against child abuse imagery and any sexual or psychological abuse or verbal abuse.

KEEP has a zero-tolerance policy with against such action and speech. If we become aware of content with such kind of action or speech, we will report it to the appropriate authorities and also will delete the corresponding account and blacklist the corresponding user from accessing the Site forever.

Furthermore, KEEP has no concern with the treatment of the information and content which KEEP has aggregated. All those content and information are under manage by the corresponding providers’ policy.

Obscenity and Indecency Content

You are not allow to provide/create/distribute/upload any obscenity and indecency material/application on KEEP. If anyone distribute anything that will be defined as violate the CAP 390 Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (COIAO), KEEP has the authority to cancel his/her account and blacklist he/she from accessing the Site forever. For instance, if anyone intends to promote or promotes erotology including but not limited to sexually explicit/implicit, or erotic content/descriptions/titles/ icons which will be treated as violate the COIAO, KEEP will delete his/her account and report it to the appropriate authorities.

According to the COIAO, "a thing is obscene if by reason of obscenity it is not suitable to be published to any person; and a thing is indecent if by reason of indecency it is not suitable to be published to a juvenile". "Obscenity" and "indecency" include "violence, depravity and repulsiveness". Moreover, according to the Hong Kong Government Law, all the Internet and mobile content published in Hong Kong are regulated by the COIAO. (CAP 390 SECTION 2 (2) & (3), For further information, please refer to CAP 390 CONTROL OF OBSCENE AND INDECENCT ARTICLES ORDINANCE)

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong SAR, excluding conflict-of-law principles that would cause the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction. You hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong SAR.