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Solutions for the future of eLearning.

Hosting online courses is challenging, and it takes up a lot of time. We understand. That’s why we built a streamlined platform that is easy to use and full of powerful features that benefit teachers and students alike.

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What challenges do educators face in eLearning?
Complicated Technologies

Many eLearning technologies take a great deal of time and effort to master, and are limited in their scope or practicality.

Accessibility Restrictions

Most university course hosting platforms restrict access to external audiences, which limits their reach and overall value.

Lack of Time

Running well-managed online courses can be a difficult, time-consuming task for teachers with a full schedule and heavy workload.

Redundant Platforms

The edtech market is saturated with so many technologies that it can be overwhelming for educators and institutions to choose.

How can we help?

One platform with multiple tools to facilitate the future of learning.
Streamlined Workflows
Quick and easy

We know it's time-consuming to build and manage online courses. That's why we've streamlined the process to make it easy for educators to manage.

Choose your favorite platform

KEEP seamlessly integrates with Moodle and Open edX to improve accessibility and optimize the user experience.

We help educators inspire excellence and innovation through eLearning.
Empowering Educators
Technical consulting

We'll advise you on how to best integrate cutting-edge learning technologies into your courses, no technical expertise required.

Customer satisfaction

Our team works closely with teachers and institutions to exceed expectations. Whatever you need, we're happy to help.

We make it easy for teachers to find the right tool to help students learn better.
Cutting-Edge Features
AI-driven technology

KEEP is powered by artificial intelligence, from course sentiment analysis to a course recommender system for student advancement.

Advanced analytics

Educators can view in-depth analytics to learn from previous courses and guide future curriculum design.

Spread knowledge to a local or global audience.
eLearning at Scale
Built to your preference

KEEP is well-equipped to serve large-scale institutions, but can customize a plan for courses of any size.

Share beyond your institution

KEEP allows you to share your content with public and private audiences alike, expanding your reach and disseminating knowledge more effectively.

Here's what other educators think about KEEP.

We support some of the top universities in Hong Kong and beyond
We support some of the top universities in Hong Kong and beyond
KEEP enhances eLearning